PUTTMARK See The Line, Sink The Putt
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Improve Your Putting Alignment

More Than A Ball Marker - A Putting Alignment Tool

PUTTMARK ball markers are innovative golf products designed to aid golfers sink more putts. These new ball markers are for any golfer with any skill level, looking to improve their putting - ultimately reducing their scores. PUTTMARK ball markers conform to USGA rules of golf and are legal for tournament play.

PUTTMARK Ball Marker Improves Putting!

The results of the PUTTMARK survey speak for themselves - golfers who actually used the golf ball marker during their runs noticed an improvement when putting. As the results reveal, no golfers short game had worsened using PUTTMARK's ball alignment tool. These are typical results we have encountered when golfers used PUTTMARK's ball marker. Improve your putting game today by ordering your own PUTTMARK ball marker alignment tool.

Not only was putting improved with the PUTTMARK ball marker - putting alignment had a significant improvement as well. Based on our data, golfers who participated in using the PUTTMARK ball marker, 50% significantly improved their putting alignment while 43% had a moderate improvement. Quality products equal quality scores! All products are tailored to help golfers of all skill levels - buy your golf ball marker today.